The core of coraliance

Coral powder

A precious, bioavailable and protected resource

Acid-base balance

The coral powder contributes to find a balance for your body thanks to the highly bioavailable trace elements it contains.

Ingredients synergy

We focus on the interrelationships between minerals, and optimize their action by combining them with plants and vitamins.

Eco-friendly practices

The coral powder is harvested on fossilized rocks, an eco-friendly process EcoSafe® certified.
We work with GMP certified suppliers (Good Manufacturing Practice).

A restored acid-base equilibrium

Why do we use calcium from coral ?

Our coral powder contains many micronutrients. These are in a particularly bioavailable form, that allows the body to assimilate them very easily. It contains especially important amounts of calcium and magnesium which are two essential minerals for the organism. More than their quantitative aspect, it is their ideal proportions that make them so valuable to the human body.

Trace elements help to restore the acid-base balance that is frequently disturbed by a stressful daily life and a polluted environment. In addition, the calcium and magnesium of marine coral powder are valuable elements for bones, teeth and muscle tissue.

Synergy of natural components

What makes our coral powder so precious ?

The specificity of our Coral Powder is that it contains 69 minerals in the ideal proportions to optimize their synergistic relations and therefore to restore the mineral balance of the human body.

Although the human body requires about 100 elements, the mineral wheel shows some of the most important elements needed by the body, and more importantly, it shows the interrelationships between the elements. The lines and arrows on the diagram connect specific minerals to others. Each mineral has synergistic and antagonistic counterparts.

CORALIANCE nutritional supplements are elaborated by combining the properties of coral powder, and specific vitamins or plants with targeted benefits.

Vitamin C
Lemon juice
Vitamin D3
An eco-friendly process

How is our coral harvested?

The coral calcium contained in our CORALIANCE range is an ecologically healthy product harvested in a sustainable way.

The harvesting of the raw material does not degrade intact coral reefs, but is done on corals that were released above sea hundred years ago. They are found in a specific protected area, which contains coral quarries of exceptional purity, unaffected by the marine pollution caused by the industrial revolution.This operation does not harm living coral reefs, which are spared from potential destructive exploitation.

After being harvested, the immaculate coral rocks are crushed in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factory before being purified. Thanks to this eco-friendly process, our coral calcium has been certified EcoSafe®.

approved by the defenders of the sea

“Friend of the Sea” Label

The coral powder of our Coraliance food supplements is labeled “Friend of the Sea”, one of the leading international certification projects for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture products.

Friend of the Sea is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) whose mission is to preserve marine habitat. The products and their origins are verified locally by independent international certification bodies, who verify the implementation of the Friend of the Sea criteria for sustainable fishing.


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